TTMB #26 Cartoon President

July 17, 2017

Welcome to Episode 26! 

In this week's episode, with a clickbait title, Micah and Ben draw upon their childhood memories with the Top Ten Cartoon Characters from Our Childhood We would Want to Be President of the United States. They valiantly try to not be political, and Ben kind of fails. But that Ben never does play by the rules, does he? That's why he's the badboy of the podcast. Everyone knows it. Let the record show that everyone nodded in agreement.


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Outro music from The Legal Immigrants. Their song is called "Hollywood" from their album Panacea.

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Thank you to Lexa and Catherine for the awesome logos! And Kyle for the best segment intro song a boy could ever ask for.


Here is a link to our awesome interview!


Thanks! Have a Great Week!


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