TTMB #13 Celebrity Go Karts (feat. Nicole)

April 14, 2017

Welcome to episode 13!

This week Micah and Ben are joined by the beautiful, the talented, the awesome, Nicole, Ben' sister! She joins us to discuss the Top Ten Celebrities to be in your 24 Hour Go Kart Marathon. This was a tough, but fun list. Listen to see how many times Micah and Ben get mad at themselves! 

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TTMB #12 Fantasy Bowling

April 10, 2017

Welcome back to Top Ten with Mitchell and Glenn! 


Today we discuss the Top Ten Fantasy Races You Would Want in Your Bowling League (Team). You know you love to hate bowling! 


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TTMB Bonus Episode #1 Power Rangers!

April 5, 2017


Welcome to the first bonus episode of Top Ten with Micah and Ben!

If you know anything about us then you know we love Power Rangers. We saw the new movie and desparately wanted to talk about it. So here's our Top Ten Favorite Moments of the New Power Rangers Movie

There are definitly spoilers, but not right away (Spoilers begin at 4 minutes).

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TTMB #11 Area 51

April 3, 2017

Welcome back to another fantastic episode!

This week Micah and Ben reveal the secrets that are hidden in Area 51 with Top Ten Mysteries Probably Hidden in Area 51The truth is out there!

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TTMB #10 Haipoo (feat. Kyle Jurassic)

March 26, 2017

Welcome to our 10th Episode!

This week the fellas are joined by the fabulous, the talented, the magnificent, and the good-looking Kyle Jurassic. We discuss the Top Ten Top Ten Lists We Will Never Actually Do. It's all over the place and a lot of fun!

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TTMB #9 Senior Pranks

March 19, 2017

Welcome back to TTMB!

This week of podcasting fun Micah and Ben talk about Top Ten High School Pranks that could get you Expelled (and/or Arrested)
Disclaimer: Despite his top ten ideas, Ben's not really a psychopath.
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TTMB #8 Poor Valerie (feat. Dr. Winter)

March 13, 2017

Welcome back to another exciting Top Ten list! 

This week Micah and Ben are joined by Dr. Winter of Cambridge to discuss...letters! Of the alphabet? Probably!

"Top Ten Letters You Hate"

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TTMB #7 Cat Tree (feat. Robert, the Intern)

March 6, 2017

Welcome back everyone!

This week Micah and Ben are joined by their unreliable intern Robert! The three of them discuss the Top Ten Ways to Get a Cat Stuck in a Tree (see what they did there?). 

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TTMB #6 Cream Ice

February 27, 2017

Welcome back! 

This week Micah and Ben talk about that joyous, delicious dessert Ice Cream. You love it and you'll love hearing about it...hopefully! Join us for our lists of Top Ten Ice Cream Flavors Best Served in a Three Layer Pattern. 

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TTMB #5 Bird College (feat. Anna)

February 20, 2017

Welcome back! 

This week Micah and Ben are joined by a very special guest: Anna! The 3, or maybe 4, of these fun people discuss the Top Ten Birds You Would Want to Transform into for the Duration of Your College Experience. So sit back, press play, and enjoy your flight! 

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